Veterans Homes

Richard Campbell Veterans Nursing Home
4605 Belton Highway, Anderson SC
220 Veterans


E. Roy Stone, Jr Pavillion
2200 Harden Street, Columbia SC
76 Veterans


Veterans Victory House
2461 Sidney's Road, Walterboro SC
211 Veterans


Contact Info

Terry Boggs – President




Forgotten Veterans are in every state across America in Nursing Homes. Two Thirds of them no one ever goes and see. They never leave their room except to take a shower, some have even stopped talking.

They feel no one cares if they are alive or dead. They have been FORGOTTEN. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, their Birthday is all just another day with no one to see.

My Dad and his oldest brother both served in the United States Marines during World War Two. My oldest brother served three tours in Vietnam in the Marines. I have a niece and a nephew both in the United States Army at this time that have both served in present conflicts in other country. There is not a family in America that most likely does not have someone that has served in some branch of service. Many went and never came back home. Many came home but not the same. Many live on the streets homeless, many in rest homes. We are currently in Richard Campbell Veterans Nursing home in Anderson SC. doing this, and looking to take it nationwide with your help.  

HELP ME HELP THEM so we can make sure no veteran can ever say no one cares and they have been FORGOTTEN. Without YOUR HELP I cannot do this.

Our Goals

1. Visit every Veteran in the Nursing Home Weekly

2. Go to the hospital to see those that no one comes to see.

3. Transport spouses that have no way there and back home.

4. Help get them things for their Birthday and Christmas.

With Your Help we can take this nationwide and make sure NO Veteran is ever FORGOTTEN.

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